Three Sons Sanitation

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Routine maintenance of your septic system is crucial for the long term viability of your system.  It's recommended that you have your septic tank(s) pumped out every three (3) years on average, depending on the age and use of your system.  Let Three Sons Sanitation handle the hard part.  We will pump out your tank(s) AND send out a reminder when it's time to be serviced again.  One less thing to remember! 

Don't wait until the problems arise and leave your home without the ability to flush a toilet.  Call us today to get on the schedule!      

Similarly, routine clean out of a commercial grease trap is crucial to keeping things running smooth in the kitchen.  On average, outdoor grease traps should be pumped out every three months, and indoor grease traps should be professionally pumped out monthly.  This, too, is dependent on use of your system.  Three Sons Sanitation will put you on a routine schedule, and you won't even have to call each time it needs service!  Don't wait until a backed up system creates unpleasantries for your customers and renders your kitchen unusable.   Get on a routine schedule today!